My Morning Jacket- “Spring (Among the Living)”

Among the living again
Out in the light of day’s warm embrace again

The members of My Morning Jacket are veterans of songwriting, and it seems the band’s not quiet through trying to figure things out. On May 5th, 2015, MMJ will release its 7th album marking its 17th year as a band (some members have come and gone). That sense of time, change and adaptation shines through on their early released tracks. “Spring (Among the Living)” is an unrelenting, evolving jam. Eerie echoes begin the build, a deep bass enters, and then we hear an idea: a flat guitar melody, a snappy snare hit, and then the verse begins. The beat is straight, insistent that it’s here to stay. The listener craves a change, but the song doesn’t provide it to you. At the 1:34 mark, Jim James gives you a classic rock countdown, but instead of rising in volume, the beat disappears, and the song has to rebuild again from the ground floor. The song continues to dissatisfy us, as we never reach that pop resolution. MMJ is done hibernating, but conscious that this spring’s light of day will soon move on. Welcome festival season MMJ.

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