Twin Limb – “Don’t Even Think”

A good song often has a good hook. Twin Limb won me over by making their chorus into this separate entity, different from the synthesizer soaked verses. The chorus is quiet, slow, and heavy-footed. The lead singer, MaryLiz Bender, drags on the repetitive words, “don’t think about it,” giving weight to each word. She uses the least amount of air as she falls off each note, and then on the last line, it’s almost as if she can’t muster enough energy to sing “About It.” New album is titled “Anything is Possible and Nothing Makes Sense” out on Friday, November 13.

Emmy the Great – “Swimming Pool”

hey, rich kid
I’m here, I want it
the sunshine, your time
the goodtime, and
your blue swimming pool

Emmy the Great, real name Emma Lee Moss, has released “Swimming Pool,” which is a single for an album we can expect in 2015. Her lyrics and voice are both beautiful and haunting at the same time. Also, I am a sucker for harmonies that stretch over a few octaves, so she has that working for her too.