Frazey Ford-Indian Ocean

Pure retro, feel-good soul. Frazey Ford harkens to a time when Al Green and Van Morrison, in their respective kingdoms, ruled the world. Couldn’t pick just one, so here are two tracks off the Canadian singer-songwriter’s sophomore album Indian Ocean.


“September Fields”


In light of “Throwback Thursday or #tbt” which involves posting something that has nostalgic value, we at RunTheMill wanted to turn this popular convention on its head. This weekly posting will share a song that is either ahead of its time or attempts to push us out of our comfort sound zone.

Slumberjack-Body Cry (feat. Father Dude)

Trap has obviously been making its way into mainstream Hip-Hop, but not in the way the Australian duo, Slumberjack seamlessly interweaves it into this sultry R&B song. This is the lead track off their self-titled EP, and while I initially hesitated knowing that Trap is not my go-to genre, the tightness of each timely hit and the overlay of jazz chords sold me on this week’s Futuristic Friday.