Jeff Buckley -“Everybody Hear Wants to Love You (HAERTS Cover)”

Twenty-nine pearls in your kiss
A singing smile
Coffee smell and lilac skin
Your flame in me

No one sings like Jeff Buckley, nor can anyone reach his emotional depths. But lead singer of HAERTS, Nini Fabi, seems to understand the stakes of covering a Jeff Buckley song. Drenched in HAERTS’ classic 80’s orchestration, the cover does a great job at going in a completely different direction, separating the chorus from the minimalistic, dreary verses. The chorus blossoms into a shimmering idea, but never speeds out of control. Compare the versions of each song below:

Andy Shauf – “You’re Out Wasting” & “I’m Not Falling Asleep”

It’s nice to bump into albums, even if it’s a month or two after they’ve been released. It happened as I came across the new LP “The Bearer of Bad News” from Canadian singer-songwriter, Andy Shauf. His music is often sleepy, harmony-heavy and full of cryptic imagery. I’m also a big fan of those nasally clarinets. Check out the upbeat indie beat “You’re Out Wasting” and the weary “I’m Not Falling Asleep.”

Villagers – “Hot Scary Summer”

Mercury Prize nominees Villagers are regular critic sweethearts. As Conor J. O’Brien, the singer and songwriter, said in an article by Kernan Andrews -“I also feel an ‘impostor syndrome’ about it. I don’t actually deserve all the praise that’s going around.” Conor has a way of painting a scene with all of your senses accounted for and all of your emotions hanging on your sleeve.

“Remember kissing on the cobblestones in the heat of the night/ And all the pretty young homophobes looking out for a fight/ We got good at pretending, and pretending got us good.”

As the seagulls chime a few last words, it is definitely looking like we might have ourselves a hot scary summer. The full album comes out April 14, 2015.

Patrick Watson – “Love Songs for Robots”

Sampled in a preview for the current season of The Walking Dead, the acclaimed TV series on AMC, Patrick Watson’s “Love Songs for Robots,” is murky and mysterious. Its experimental sounds move from background noise to the forefront and back again almost seamlessly, and his orchestration is top-notch, especially in the way the song continuously shifts in shape. Look for his album that comes out on May 11th via Domino Records.


In light of “Throwback Thursday or #tbt” which involves posting something that has nostalgic value, we at RunTheMill wanted to turn this popular convention on its head. This weekly posting will share a song that is either ahead of its time or attempts to push us out of our comfort sound zone.

Jon Lawless – “Capital (feat. Daniela Andrade)”

This song has an almost innocent energy that builds from within and emits steadily outward. It can particularly be hear between Jon’s voice, which provides the effortless narrative and Daniela’s upper register harmony. It creates a hollowness. The same quality can be found in the introduction of Dillon Francis’ collaboration with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosauars, “Without You.” But in contrast, whereas “Without You” seeks an EDM-approved drop to provide a recognizable structure to the listener, “Capital” doesn’t let go of the hollowness. We end up wanting a little more.

Jordan Klassen- Firing Squad

Jordan Klassen is back. The Vancouver-based musician, released his LP Repentance on Nevado Records almost a year ago. He actually recorded Repentance with producer/Multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Anderson who worked with another RTM favorite Aidan Knight. The easy comparison is to Sufjan Stevens, but his newest single has the indelible hook that could help get him some serious radio play in the near future.

And another for good luck.