Father John Misty – I Went to the Store One Day

In his previous life, Josh Tillman was a singer-songwriter who produced above-average but relatively straightforward folk. Five albums deep, the former Fleet Foxes drummer seemed entrenched in his craft. That was until the 2012 album, Fear Fun, when Tillman recast himself as the prophetic rock-god Father John Misty – an outlandish character that, despite serving as an alter-ego, has proven to be thoroughly authentic.

The majority of Father John Misty’s work has been a stark departure from the J Tillman catalog. But with “I Went to the Store One Day” he returns to his quieter folk roots, and with stunning results. In this song, Father John considers the first encounter he had with his wife, Emma (seen smiling at the end), who he approached at random outside a convenience store one day in Laurel Canyon. This chance meeting sets in motion a life planned together – marriage, daughters, old age, death. “I never thought it would be so simple,” he sings.

The new album, I Love You, Honeybear is out this week.

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