In light of “Throwback Thursday or #tbt” which involves posting something that has nostalgic value, we at RunTheMill wanted to turn this popular convention on its head. This weekly posting will share a song that is either ahead of its time or attempts to push us out of our comfort sound zone.

Mariachi El Bronx – “Wildfires” & “High Tide”

Going from hardcore punk rock to Mariachi music is difficult to imagine, but the Mariachi El Bronx have done just that. Most known for their punk band The Bronx, vocalist Matt Caughthran and Co. went a whole different direction in April 2007 under an alter ego, Mariachi El Bronx. The band experiments with electronic and pop undertones along with the classic rhythmic shuffling of mariachi music. It’s whimsical and daring and is this week’s Futuristic Friday.


“High Tide”

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