Broken Witt Rebels – “Shake Me Down”

They probably are sick and tired of the comparison, but when you are talking gritty, southern rock with a natural affinity toward pop melodies, Kings of Leon definitely comes to mind when I listen to Broken Witt Rebels. What many forget is that the Kings of Leon started playing in the basement of Jackson, Tennessee only to become a frequent headliner at festivals around the world. Just listen to that first line and the way he rolls his “out:” “It’s in the way she keeps calling me oooouttt.”

Alfie Connor- “Stranger”

This 24-year old from Sheffield, England has some “Ben-Howard-esque” guitar licks and an unobtrusive falsetto that soars above the spare instrumentation. I really feel that this song benefits from from not being overly produced. Its the guitar alone that forms that offbeat rhythmic groove. Looking forward to his debut album out in March 2015.

Ryley Walker -“Primrose Green”

The lead single off Ryley Walker’s his upcoming sophomore album is beautifully open and lacking in structure. Although Ryley’s guitar skills are the show, I love the jangly piano, the off-beat snare drum hits, and the constant improvisatory background noise. Not enough music formats allows the artist to elongate these type of grooves. It’s only then that the musician can you really start exploring.

JD McPherson- “Let the Good Times Roll”

Sometimes you have days where all the songs you listen to sound as flat as a cherry cola left out in the sun all afternoon. Then, you get hit with a retro blues, foot-tapping track like “Let the Good Times Roll” by JD McPherson. About the title, McPherson said, “It’s like a Pavlovian reaction to hear that phrase and feel like you’re supposed to have a good time.” His new album comes out February 10th.

Laura Marling – “False Hope”

Laura Marling sheds her acoustic guitar to shred an electric in her new song “False Hope.” She starts off hesitant and ends up rocking out. Take a close listen to the natural, aggressive rise of her narrative. She reaches a sharp-tongued climax as she yells, rather than sings, “Neither of us is gonna sleep tonight!” It’s a jarring, mischievous line that fits perfectly within the sung chorus. And for icing on cake, her apartment is on the Upper West Side…

Time for T- “Long Day Home”

One of the underlying hopes at RunTheMill is to place the often ephemeral spotlight back onto rising artists, who chose a career that often does not provide monetarily as much as the work involved with producing an album. The new Time for T 6-song album was a product of crowdfunding, in which the small group was able to raise $3,500. The small investment resulted in a little bit of magic. Listen to “Long Day Home.”

Check out their campaign which ended last in January 2014: