JD McPherson- “Let the Good Times Roll”

Sometimes you have days where all the songs you listen to sound as flat as a cherry cola left out in the sun all afternoon. Then, you get hit with a retro blues, foot-tapping track like “Let the Good Times Roll” by JD McPherson. About the title, McPherson said, “It’s like a Pavlovian reaction to hear that phrase and feel like you’re supposed to have a good time.” His new album comes out February 10th.


Laura Marling – “False Hope”

Laura Marling sheds her acoustic guitar to shred an electric in her new song “False Hope.” She starts off hesitant and ends up rocking out. Take a close listen to the natural, aggressive rise of her narrative. She reaches a sharp-tongued climax as she yells, rather than sings, “Neither of us is gonna sleep tonight!” It’s a jarring, mischievous line that fits perfectly within the sung chorus. And for icing on cake, her apartment is on the Upper West Side…

Time for T- “Long Day Home”

One of the underlying hopes at RunTheMill is to place the often ephemeral spotlight back onto rising artists, who chose a career that often does not provide monetarily as much as the work involved with producing an album. The new Time for T 6-song album was a product of crowdfunding, in which the small group was able to raise $3,500. The small investment resulted in a little bit of magic. Listen to “Long Day Home.”

Check out their campaign which ended last in January 2014: